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         There are no hard feelings between soca divas Destra and Fay-Ann, at least, not on Destra’s end of things.

         A single tweet kicked off a mini-feud on Twitter this weekend when Destra retweeted a fan’s comment about the number of road march titles they each held and Fay-Ann took offense, firing back with a string of warnings about the dangers of wanton retweeting.  

        Speaking to WEFM, Destra explained that she often shares her fans’ tweets – good bad or indifferent – to let them know that they are being heard. She emphasized that her retweets are not endorsements, but just a means of sharing what her fans think about her and carrying on the conversation.

        Though Destra didn’t think the tweet was offensive, and though she wished Fay-Ann had privately contacted her about any perceived offense, she offered a public apology which was apparently ignored.

        Still, Destra is looking to squash the beef. Saying that artistes have to set an example and revealing her love for Fay-Ann, she expressed hopes that they can move beyond this.